The Programme Outline

The Programme Outline

Practice trainees may expect to be exposed to two or more areas of practice, including but not limited to:-

  • Civil litigation;
  • Criminal litigation;
  • Corporate practice; and
  • Conveyancing practice  

Structured Programme 

Special Seminars

Tailored seminars are given by our partners to help practice trainees settle in and adapt to their new working environment. These include talks on drafting and civil procedure, as well as introductions on the Firm's corporate culture and our expectations of our practice trainees.

Comprehensive Check List

Each practice trainee will receive a list of important core practice areas, which outlines specific targets they should achieve during their training contract.


Personal Partner Assigned

Each practice trainee will be assigned a partner as a mentor. The mentor will provide personal guidance and support and will also ensure that the practice trainee is making progress in the important core practice areas included on the checklist.

Personal Attention

Our mentor system provides the opportunity for practice trainees to work with our lawyers and partners. This means our practice trainees receive the personal attention that is often impossible at firms that use large workgroups of 10 to 15 lawyers or more.

Opportunities to work with our Partners

Not only does our mentor system ensure that our practice trainees have direct access to our lawyers at partner level, it also ensures that our practice trainees have opportunities to learn from our partners and receive guidance from them.

Practice Trainee Assessment 

Detailed Assessment

The supervising partner(s) will assess each practice trainee on:

  1. Analytical ability
  2. Attitude
  3. Initiative
  4. Knowledge
  5. Oral communication skills
  6. Overall assessment
  7. Quality of work
  8. Reaction under pressure
  9. Research/writing skills
  10. Team spirit

Social Programme 

Upon commencing their training contracts, practice trainees will have the opportunity to lunch with their assigned partners. They will also attend briefing sessions on Knowledge Management, Operations, Technology and Human Capital policies. Our partners will host a lunch for our new practice trainees and a tea reception will be organised to introduce them to other lawyers in the Firm.