Launch of National Standard for E-Commerce Transactions

29 Jul 2020 Special Update

Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Standards Council have launched Technical Reference 76: Guidelines for electronic commerce transactions, on 21 June 2020 ("TR 76 Guidelines"). The TR 76 Guidelines are a voluntary provisional standard that seek to provide guidance to online businesses that are implementing, maintaining and improving their internal processes and policies related to business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer transactions. In particular, the TR 76 Guidelines may be used by e-marketplaces facilitating transactions for products and/or services between sellers and customers, e-retailers selling products and/or services online, third-party service providers supporting operations relating to online transactions, as well as any other parties seeking to embark on setting up their online businesses.

The TR 76 Guidelines address many aspects of e-commerce transaction processes, from pre-purchase activities of browsing and selection to purchasing and payment procedures, and post-purchase activities which include fulfilment, delivery, tracking of products, and returns, refunds, and exchanges. The guidelines also address best practices for customer support and managing relations amongst e-marketplaces, merchants and consumers, as summarised in the update.

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