Sustainable Financing: It's "Risk(y)" Business

05 Aug 2020 LegisWatch

From a domestic, national perspective, given our island-state’s natural vulnerability to environmental changes, Singapore has set ambitious environmental targets for itself and has made Singapore’s response to climate change one of the country’s key objectives / priorities.

In line with these goals, the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") has taken proactive steps to promote green financing, announcing its Green Finance Action Plan in November 2019 for Singapore to become a leading global centre for green finance. As part of its Green Finance Action Plan, MAS has recently issued a consultation paper on its proposed Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management (Banks) ("MAS Guidelines") (similar consultation papers were also concurrently issued by MAS for asset managers and insurers). This consultation paper seeks feedback on MAS's proposals to enhance the environmental risk management practices of financial institutions ("FIs"), and serves as a call to action for FIs to help drive the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy, by enhancing the integration of environmental risk considerations in FIs’ financing and investment decisions, and promoting new opportunities for green financing.

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