Collaborating with Rivals During Covid? CCCS Issues Guidance

21 Jul 2020 LegisWatch

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the supply of many goods and services. Against this backdrop, competing firms may have found it necessary or desirable to collaborate with each other on certain aspects of the production / supply chain, in order to sustain the supply of such goods / services amid the disruptions.

Such collaborations between competitors may have an adverse impact on competition, and as such, a detailed assessment is needed to determine if they infringe the prohibition on anti-competitive agreements/arrangements under Section 34 of the Competition Act.

In this regard, the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore has, on 20 July 2020, issued a guidance note (“Guidance Note”) setting out its enforcement approach to certain of such collaborations. This update looks at the key points of this Guidance Note and how it may benefit businesses which supply essential goods and services.

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