Indonesia's Plan to Fight Covid-19 with Optimism: New Developments on Indonesia's Investment Regime and Other Important Highlights

27 Jul 2021 Webinar

The Indonesian government has been working hard to attract more foreign investment by expanding investment opportunities for foreign investors amidst the ongoing global pandemic. As part of the government’s strategic plans to reform Indonesia’s economy through various initiatives and position it for further growth, Indonesia’s new investment list was introduced earlier this year, together with the establishment of the Indonesia Investment Authority (IIA), the first ever Indonesian sovereign wealth fund which is tasked to manage the investments of the central government and optimise economic growth.


In a webinar titled “Indonesia's Plan to Fight Covid-19 with Optimism: New Developments on Indonesia's Investment Regime, its Newly Established Sovereign Wealth Fund and Other Important Highlights” organised by WongPartnership LLP and our WPG member firm Makes & Partners, our panellists engaged in a discussion on topics such as Indonesia’s response on the pandemic and efforts to ease investments, general investment and private equity climate in Indonesia, along with key trends in Indonesian arbitration affecting foreign investors.


On the panel of speakers are Dr Yozua Makes, Founder and Managing Partner of our WPG member firm in Indonesia, Makes & Partners, Mr Pandu Sjahrir, Managing Partner of Indies Capital and Dr Todung Mulya Lubis, Founder and Senior Partner of Lubis Santosa & Maramis law firm. Our Managing Partner Ng Wai King delivered the opening remarks and the session was moderated by our Senior Consultant, Simon Tay.


To view the webinar recording, please register via the link here.