Issue 1 of 2017

13 Mar 2017 LawWatch

In this issue, we cover the following:


WongPartnership acts in…
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust’s acquisition of DSO National Laboratories buildings and DNV GL Technology Centre.


“Accidents” happen
But only if you don’t intend or expect it to. The Singapore Court of Appeal looks into the definition of “accident” in the context of insurance policies.


Representative action to control conduct of on-going proceedings need not show actual lack of diligent prosecution
The Court of Appeal held that, in a section 216A application, the applicant need only show that it was probable that the company would not diligently prosecute, as opposed to actual lack of diligent prosecution.


Post-winding up payments for the benefit of the company and its creditors may be validated
The High Court exercised its discretion to retrospectively validate payments made after the commencement of winding up.