Issue 1 of 2018

04 Apr 2018 LawWatch

In this issue, we cover the following:


WongPartnership acts in…
Strategic partnership between NTUC and Fullerton


A disputed and unadjudicated set-off cannot be raised against an adjudicated amount found to be payable under an adjudication determination
A main contractor who failed to file a payment response in adjudication proceedings under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act was precluded from subsequently relying on a contractual set-off to resist the enforcement of the adjudication determination


Foreign Illegality: Distinction between an agreement being "directly affected by foreign illegality" vs "tainted by foreign illegality"
High Court addresses the issue of foreign illegality in Singapore and makes a distinction between contracts that are "directly affected by foreign illegality" and those not directly affected by foreign illegality but "tainted by foreign illegality", and the circumstances in which a contract tainted by foreign illegality would be unenforceable in Singapore


Termination of employees: conducting "due inquiry"
High Court sets out guide on the conduct of “due inquiry” prior to termination


SGX Guide on Prevention of Insider Trading