PDPC issued Proposed Advisory Guidelines on NRIC numbers

29 Nov 2017 IPMT Update
On 7 November 2017, the Personal Data Protection Commission issued for public consultation the following proposed guidelines in respect of the use of National Registration Identification Card ("NRIC") numbers by organisations:
  • the Proposed Advisory Guidelines on the Personal Data Protection Act for NRIC Numbers ("Proposed NRIC Guidelines"); and
  • the Proposed Technical Guide to the Proposed NRIC Guidelines ("Proposed NRIC Technical Guide").
This Update highlights the key issues and points raised in the Proposed NRIC Guidelines and the Proposed NRIC Technical Guide.
If you have any queries or would like to know more about how these changes may impact you, please contact:
LAM Chung Nian
Head – Intellectual Property, Technology and Media,
Telecommunications and Data Protection Practices
d +65 6416 8271
e chungnian.lam@wongpartnership.com
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