Roll-up Rescue Financing – A New Tool for Banks to Salvage Non-performing Loans

30 Jun 2020 LegisWatch

“Old (money) - may become senior (priority)”

In a recent landmark decision, the Singapore High Court approved a US$62 million rescue financing package to the Design Studio Group Ltd and five of its subsidiaries which incorporated a “roll-up” of a bank lender’s pre-existing debt.

WongPartnership LLP represented the bank lender, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, in the successful application.

A “roll-up” is a feature of a rescue financing deal which upgrades the priority of a rescue lender’s pre-existing debt into a super-priority debt. This is achieved by applying a portion of the rescue financing proceeds towards paying the pre-existing debt of the rescue lender. The pre-existing debt is, in effect, converted (or “rolled-up”) into the super-priority rescue financing debt.

The High Court’s decision signals the growing sophistication of Singapore’s debt restructuring regime. It also marks the emergence of “roll-up” rescue financing as a new way for banks and finance companies to salvage non-performing loans (“NPLs”). By upgrading the priority of pre-existing debts, a “roll-up” allows a lender to increase the potential upside on the recovery of its pre-existing debts. This offers a strong commercial incentive for lenders to extend rescue financing to aid the successful rehabilitation of financially troubled companies in their NPL portfolios.

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