Singapore Court of Appeal Propounds Composite Approach to Determine Arbitrability of Disputes | A Tale of Matrimonial Discord Among Shareholders

03 Mar 2023 CaseWatch

The Singapore Court of Appeal in Anupam Mittal v Westbridge Ventures II Investment Holdings [2023] SGCA 1 has propounded a composite two-tiered approach to determine the question of arbitrability of a dispute. This approach would entail applying, in the first instance, the law of the arbitration agreement and, in the second, the law of the seat of arbitration. Considerations of public policy would play an important role in the Singapore courts’ approach to the issue of arbitrability. If, under either the law of the arbitration agreement or under Singapore law, the subject matter of the arbitration is non-arbitrable, then the parties would not be able to resolve their dispute via arbitration.

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