The good, the bad and the ugly: negotiating leaver and vesting provisions on venture capital deals

28 Dec 2020 Publication

Our Joint Head of the WPGrow: Start-Up / Venture Capital Practice Kyle Lee was recently invited to contribute to a guide by Humphreys Law on negotiating leaver and vesting provisions for venture capital deals.
In the guide, Kyle sheds light on the differences between founder and non-founder vesting in the context of Singapore and shared how the law and market practice in Singapore differs against the UK position.
Humphreys Law, a law firm based in London, UK, is a focused, full-service law firm advising clients in the technology and media sectors. This guide provides a straightforward explanation as to how UK leaver provisions work but is principally focused on leaver provisions as they apply in the venture capital industry. Also included in the guide are thoughts on the subject from various independent law firms in some of the major technology jurisdictions.

Click here to read the full guide.