The Guide to Advocacy: Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: East meets West (Fifth Edition)

08 Sep 2021 Publication

Disputes referred to international arbitration often bring together arbitrators, counsel and witnesses from different jurisdictions with different cultures and practices. How do arbitrators better understand these differences in order to represent their clients’ interests well?
Our Chairman & Senior Partner Alvin Yeo, Senior Counsel and Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group Chou Sean Yu recently contributed to Global Arbitration Review’s fifth edition of The Guide to Advocacy, with the assistance from Banking & Financial Disputes Practice Partner Oh Sheng Loong Frank.
In their chapter on cultural considerations in advocacy, our Partners share insights on developing an advocacy strategy before an Asian tribunal, the role of mediation and conciliation, and knowing the opportunities for persuasion, amongst other useful tips.
The guide aims to provide those newer to international arbitration with the tools to succeed as an advocate, whatever their national origin, and to provide the more experienced with insight into cultural and regional variations.
Click on the link below to read the full chapter.