Implementation of Code of Conduct for Leasing of Retail Premises in Singapore

05 Apr 2021 LegisWatch

A new code of conduct for leasing of retail premises in Singapore (“Code”) was introduced on 26 March 2021 and will be effective from 1 June 2021.

The Code was developed by the Fair Tenancy Pro Tem Committee which comprises representatives from Singapore’s landlord and tenant communities, members of Government, industry experts and academia. It serves as a set of mandatory guidelines to provide guidance to landlords and tenants of Qualifying Retail Premises (as detailed below) to enable a fair and balanced position in lease negotiations and a governance framework to ensure compliance with the Code as well as a dispute resolution framework for such landlords and tenants.

The Code applies to all premises held under a lease agreement or licence agreement entered into on or after 1 June 2021 with a tenure of more than one year and permitted to be used by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and other authorities for the Qualifying Retail Premises uses stipulated in the Code. Examples of premises which fall within the scope of Qualifying Retail Premises uses include restaurants, bars, retail shops, clinics, commercial schools, sports clubs and entertainment centres.

Following the introduction of the Code, landlords of Qualifying Retail Premises should ensure that provisions in their standard lease templates are consistent with the leasing principles set out in the Code.

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