Specialist & Private Client Disputes

Our Specialist & Private Client Disputes Practice focuses on dispute resolution for specialised issues such as professional and medical negligence, defamation, intellectual property litigation, fraud, property-related litigation, trusts, estates and probate and family disputes. We recognise the sensitivities involved in these disputes and proactively manage such conflicts to achieve the best outcome for our clients. This can be done through various channels, including implementation of appropriate compliance structures and safeguards, legal and reputation risk management, wealth management and succession planning.

In today's global economy, businesses and families often cross borders, and we are experienced in handling complex cross-border disputes involving multiple jurisdictions. Our clients include leading businesses, professional bodies, government bodies, high-net-worth individuals, as well as individuals from the business community and public bodies.

We take pride in offering our clients comprehensive solutions on dispute avoidance and resolution, including pre-emptive planning to reduce the legal and reputational risk of litigation.