Technology & Media

An established leader in the market, we have worked on complex technology projects for major institutional clients (both customers and vendors) across a broad range of sectors, such as the aviation, banking, financial services, cloud services, public transport and healthcare sectors. We have assisted clients with outsourcing, service level, as-a-service, maintenance, licensing and other projects, often for software systems which are mission critical, and also for critical information infrastructures regulated under cybersecurity legislation.

We have also advised on disputes relating to IT system rollouts, and combined with our experience advising on IT contracts, uniquely afford us a holistic view and valuable practical perspectives of the unique challenges of IT systems and services procurement arrangements in helping us attain effective client solutions.

On the media front, our clients include government media regulatory bodies, some of the world’s best known content producers in the motion picture and music industries, as well as collecting societies and content protection agencies, television networks, over-the-top (OTT) media providers and other creative sector clients including filmmakers and song writers, producers and production houses, and project investors.

Our experience in the area spans across the entire content creation cycle, having worked with clients on media related investment, securitisation, creation, distribution and exploitation projects, as well as advising on regulatory, licensing and digital media issues, and also M&A transactions involving media sector companies.