Cyber Security

In an increasingly data-driven society, cyber-attacks and breaches are not uncommon. We have a keen understanding of the issues that businesses have to navigate across the myriad of existing and emerging legal and regulatory requirements in the cybersecurity space, and regularly advise clients on various local and cross-border projects, including but not limited to matters concerning cybersecurity and data protection legislation, litigation, and investigations.
Our cyber security experience extends to the following:
- Developing coherent regulatory compliance strategies – advising on cybersecurity legislation (e.g. in procuring and implementing technology solutions involving personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act, and advising owners of critical information infrastructures on their obligations to the Cybersecurity Act); drafting and reviewing various vendor engagement, procurement and internal policies; and advising on bespoke compliance strategies which are coherent across multiple regulatory frameworks.
- Cyber incidents / crises management – advising on strategic measures to ensure that our clients are well-prepared to manage and respond to cyber incidents; and providing legal advice in the event of a cyber-attack / data breach.
- Recovery – advising clients on post-incident review and management, including legal advice during investigations and/or potential litigation, as well as strategies to mitigate the impact from cyber incidents.