WPGrow: Start-Up / Venture Capital

Our WPGrow: Start-Up / Venture Capital Practice is ranked as a tier 1 practice across all major legal publications with a number of our lawyers being also individually recognised as leading practitioners in the start-up and venture capital space. As a practice, we have experience across the entire spectrum of start-up / venture capital matters, from the setting up of employee incentive plans and preparation of data privacy policies to the raising of equity funding rounds and trade sales, as well as the setting up of venture capital fund management firms and the raising of venture capital funds. As part of a full-service law firm, we are able to capitalise on the strengths of the various practice groups in our firm to offer the most dedicated and comprehensive advice.

We are invested in partnering with our clients for the long term whether they are an angel investor, venture capitalist, early stage start-up or unicorn technology company and providing them with holistic, practical and effective solutions.

Our team is also proud to be part of the core working group for the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements ("VIMA") initiative spearheaded by the Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. The VIMA is a pragmatic set of contracts intended to balance the interests of both the investor and company. It narrows the scope of open issues and negotiation by the parties to help them reach common ground quicker. Parties can therefore focus their time on addressing and negotiating more bespoke and deal specific issues for incorporation into the documents. To foster the growth of the Singapore start-up ecosystem, we also offer an automated version of some of the VIMA documents, specifically the NDA, CARE, Long and Short Form Term Sheets, on our WPGrow-VIMA: The VIMA Document Generator platform.

Following the first iteration in 2018, the VIMA was updated and expanded to reflect current market trends and feedback from users in 2022.

Find out more and access the VIMA documents and WPGrow-VIMA.