Professional & Enterprise Disputes

Our Professional & Enterprise Disputes Practice manages intricate disputes with transboundary and cross border elements. Our specialised areas of expertise encompass conflicts in the fields of oil and gas, commodities, partnerships and shareholder concerns, asset and property disputes, defamation cases, as well as matters related to civil and criminal liability and criminal defence work.
We advise business enterprises, government agencies, professionals and high-net-worth individuals in a myriad of matters. We act as prosecuting counsel for professional bodies and some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biomedical device companies, medical and health records technology companies, public and private hospitals, as well as medical professionals and statutory boards.
Our advice also extends to disputes involving individuals and organisations covering medical malpractice and negligence, professional negligence and insurance-related disputes.
We pride ourselves in thinking out of the box to provide the most incisive commercial and legal solution to meet our clients’ requirements, and to achieve the best outcome for our clients. This may include the implementation of appropriate compliance structures and safeguards, as well as legal and reputation risk management processes.